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The next annual conference ProForum held on November 18 in New York. More than 100 professionals and 10 speakers gathered together to talk about the work meaningful: what kind of work for each of us, where to find it and how to get it. We have collected for you the most interesting ideas of speakers and their presentations. Career Conference ProForum – is to help in the search for answers to questions related to career, from goal-setting to a specific tool. It allows you to see the theme of career development volume. Wait for the next conference in the fall! Olga Yurchenko, “Steps in identifying their talents and abilities,” the talent is there for everyone. They can be anything:.. The ability to sell, dispose of his people, build processes, structure information, etc. It should be good to know yourself in order to locate their activities. Some position opens you up to 80%, the other – 20%. To understand themselves, need dreams about “being” rather than “having”. Desire “I want a big house and a car,” here are not suitable. Think about how you want to be a man, how you want to feel like “I want to be the best in the country, an expert in personnel management.” From this can be a start to determine the further career development. Think about the skills you need to be strengthened to deal with the fact that like? What do you need now? Each of us – a lot of roles in one person. Combining the different roles one job – that’s fine. Only by knowing ourselves, we know what can, and can choose a professional way. Michael Bilyanska purpose and clarity. How do you know where to go? ” Time – the only resource that is not renewed. To better understand how much time you have spent and how much of it you have, click on the link and enter your birth date. In order to achieve a result, it is necessary to defeat the entropy (the desire to destroy any system). To think, to analyze, you need to put the right questions. The right questions for professional development about: • what during professional activities I’m sorry? • What are the steps I have not done? • What conclusions can be drawn from this? Ask yourself the question: “What would you do if you were I to live one year (52 weeks)?” The answer is – what you should do. Ulyana Khodorovskaja “perfect search strategy work” The area of ​​career and profession – one of the major social gaming to life. Mature professionals interested in playing their own game. “Secondary Market” (type of activity, demanded trade, salary “has a very indirect relationship to each specific professional Mature professional creates their own meanings in the ideal job – this is when you are satisfied with 3 components:.. • Compensation (necessary minimum salary, . social package); • remuneration (bonuses, awards, praise); • motivation (respect, security, stability, status, development, fullness of work, self-actualization) it is important to understand that you want to give your work: time (how much).? experience (what?), knowledge (what?), skills, love, personality, love, loyalty, the desire to change something in the world! willingness to learn new things … The list should be what you are willing to give with joy Realize for yourself “I give work as I want, or more?” there should be a balance between what I give, and that getting If not, then the task of man -.. to create features such work should make your life better. e, and not vice versa. If you do not – it is worth considering. It is important to measure your goal is not a position or size of the salary, and feelings: what in it for me, what I’m going to feel. If your goals are and the way they will be closer to you now. Natalia Baikalova “How to support themselves in moments of high turbulence” Burnout syndrome – an official diagnosis (explains how to control their own lives difficult). This syndrome is spoken everywhere as a pandemic. Everywhere except in our country. Syndrome – a depletion of physical, emotional and mental. 4 levels of professional burnout: 1. Reduction of interest. 2. Emotional flattening (from the word “flat”). The syndrome begins to cover the sphere of private life. It begins an emotional automatism. Rejoice no strength. Emotional coloring fades. 3. depersonalization, dehumanization, reduction achievements. Depersonalization – can not be configured to communicate with specific people. For all of the same style of communication. Dehumanization – reducing the number of social contacts. Syndrome “zakuklivaniya” no strength to communicate. Reduction of achievements – the depreciation of their own achievements. 4. Psychosomatics. Against the background of the psychological state of the disease begin to appear. Life – more than work. Burn mostly professionals. If any balance is not “give-take” of social roles, it leads to burnout. Anastasia Nurzhinskaya “Working ahead of the curve. A proactive approach in dealing with the employer “Your positioning might be: professional + + private social. Show yourself cool professional who does not forget about his personal life and participates in socially important processes in society. This is – a solid foundation for the development of personality. Recommendations: lifelong learning. Anywhere from it not to get to, especially with so many possibilities. Not enough education for the position – Get online courses reputable universities. If there is no good higher education and asked about it, your answer might be: “Yes, I do not have higher education … .. but I went 3 online course at Stanford University and the knowledge gained can be applied here …” Everyone understands that just is not enough to announce the name of the university, you need to show the practical value of what you have learned. Compare the requirements for job dreams and your experience. What you need to do to match it? On the basis of this difference, make a plan for career development. Work on the network of contacts (at least 5 professionals from different fields, who always can you recommend). Collect portfolio, results and inspirational stories of their work (for example, 5 the results and how they show even a couple of years). Tells about himself through history. Elena Gonorovsky “How do you know if your company is suitable? Markers culture “Culture – a way of doing business in the organization. Culture – as an iceberg: the external manifestations – the top, but most – a valuable factors, and they are hidden from view. The greater the value of the company corresponds to the personal, the more energy is generated by the employee. Good practice – ask a recruiter to spend you a little tour of the office after the interview. So you can see the atmosphere in the organization of their own eyes. Before communicating with companies to collect as much information about its corporate culture: social networking, online, ask friends who worked there or work. To assess whether your company fits, it is important to assess not only its value, but also to understand their own. Marina Galak “Self or the first impression a second time not proizvedesh” Write Thank you letter. Very few candidates do, and recruiters appreciate it. The candidate should hold a dialogue with the employer, it should not be a monologue of the employer. Candidates should understand their competencies. Soft skills are at all. Think of what kind of competence that others do not, you have to pay. Read notes from the workshops of the conference here. All conference presentations are available here.

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