Why and How to Use LinkedIn

You know the theory that all people are familiar with each other after 7 handshakes? Exactly on it and build a social network LinkedIn. More specifically, LinkedIn – a social network for finding and establishing business contacts. Talk about how and why to use LinkedIn. Trainer project MakeMeBetter Pauline Obertysheva explains the basics so that you can start using this social network. My acquaintance with LinkedIn was accidental and not very successful. I do not understand how this social network, and only later decided to find out. In the countries of the former Soviet Union until the thunder breaks out – no worries. So far, with the last place of work not expelled – a new no one is looking. In the civilized world, as people try to anticipate the critical situation. LinkedIn allows you to expand your network profecsionalnuyu notify potentially interested people about the changes in your career and find friends who can introduce you to a particular person. To your network start to work for you to go through more than one month. But you need to start today. Presence Profile on LinkedIn will help you find a job immediately, but will help to create favorable conditions for its research in the future. To begin, of course, with registration on LinkedIn. Complete your profile as detailed as possible Add colleagues and classmates (my advice: add the maximum of all, but basically those who you could potentially be interesting – if you want to take the post of head of the department, the cleaning lady baba Masha hardly need you to contact). Add relatively informal photograph: you should smile at her, but it must be properly dressed, neatly combed, etc. A start, but there is still much to do… How to make a good profile? 1. Your profile must be complete so that it looks a winner. Add photos, education, work experience, associations in which you are a member. 2. Fill out the field directly under your name. This is your “status”. There can place a post which you occupy, or notice that you are looking for work and what kind. 3. Create a personalized URL. 4. Add information on how to contact you! Do not want to leave your phone – leave at least an email address. 5. Summary – describe what you do and what your looking for. Not only write the date and the name of the job. Add a bit of life. It is worth to pay attention to the use of keywords for your specialty, but do not overdo it. Read it would still a person, not a robot. 6. Add as many skills, but, again, within reason. What’s next? Subscribe to businesses that interest you, write and get recommendations, browse job listings in your area. Plenty of opportunities!

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