What will be the future of work? Learn from the trend-book FUTURE

Alina Bazhenov produced a trend-book FUTURE, on the work of the future. It will help prepare for the upcoming changes and not be in a world where we do not need their own knowledge and skills. The world is changing every minute: the processes are automated, didzhitalizatsiya penetrates into all spheres, and previous approaches to personnel management do not work c new generations of employees. Alina Bazhenova – strategic marketologinya and avtorka philosophy Sex & Marketing – reviewed studies of foreign scientists to formulate the careers of the future trends. What can you learn about the future now Materials trend beech FUTURE disclose the features and values ​​of the three key generations (millenialy, generation Z and X), skills that are necessary to develop now, and the likelihood of robotics professions. All forward-looking and are based on research from Stanford, MIT, Australian universities. Just a trend-beech-seven articles. Millennials Generation Z Life in a day trailer in 2030 Soft skills of people and the future when robots will replace one of Markets and the profession of the future Generation X first article is available free of charge. And to get all the trend-book you can follow the link.

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