Useful resource: a free online course Delivery Leaders program

IT company Yalantis launches free online course for experienced project managers who are seeking to become a Delivery Manager. We almost took the fact that many professions in IT is not taught in universities. But there are those who even on courses to learn hard, because such courses with a regular set is not there. One of these – Delivery Manager. Delivery Manager – is a person with good leadership and business skills, expertise which combines elements of the Project Manager and Architect. Often this career path are team lead – developers or analysts who were able to become team leaders. And this is one of the areas of career opportunities for experienced project managers in IT companies. If you are the Project, which wants to develop further managerial positions and thus to be associated with technical processes, we advise to pay attention to the online Course Delivery Leaders program of the IT companies Yalantis. The course is free, but is only suitable for experienced Project and provides pre-selection of participants. About the course The course program is aimed at improving managerial competencies, the development of strategic leadership, effective evaluation and improvement of processes and the work of the team, even in conditions of work and uncertainty. After all, the task of Delivery Manager – system management team and to achieve an outcome that takes into account all the needs of the customer. The course starts on November 17 and will last for 2 months. Classes will be held online twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But the number of participants is limited to: lucky free education to those who meet the requirements and pass all stages of selection. Requirements for participants Delivery Manager – not starting position in IT. Here, the relevant background is important, which is registered in the requirements for course participants: 4+ years of experience in the position of Project Manager; Projects experience with 20+ people and many stakeholders; experience in the Program managing; practical experience in a variety of business models, outsourcing: Fix bids, T & M, and others; experience with distributed teams; confident understanding of SDLC; excellent written and oral communication; experience in project management: planning, the distribution schedule, budgeting, problem solving, manage change requests, risk management, release management; PMP certification is a plus. Also, the participants of the course must live in New York, Kharkov and the Dnieper. How to become a participant of the course selection to the course, although it consists of three stages at once, in fact, it is not so difficult for participants who meet the requirements, and very fast: the whole process takes only a week and a half. Filing an application. We just need to fill out a short application form. Deadline – November 1 2020 Essay Writing. Essay topic will inform you of the course supervisor, if you successfully pass the first stage of selection. Deadline – 8 November 2020 interview. Have an interview with the teachers and curator. Deadline – November 16th 2020. And on November 17 you can start training to help you move to the next managerial level! For more information about the course can be obtained by sending a request to the school supervisor in the email. Not Project Manager, but are interested in the company Yalantis? Now there are several open vacancies! Jobs

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