Tips To Have a Great Career

1 Take Ownership

Your career is yours and yours alone. You have the power to create it and live it as an expression of your unique talents and energy.
Forget what other people think of your choices. Even though people often mean well, you will be the one putting in the hours so be selfish enough to do something you enjoy and to have fun with it!
Being yourself in your work gives power, creativity, and freedom. You are off track if you feel insecure or like an pretender at work.

2 Look Inside Yourself, You Know the Answers

Take note when you find yourself fully engaged in a work activity. If it feels like you are in the zone, or plugged in and energized, or connected to something larger than yourself: Pay special attention.
Then describe it further…what are you liking about what you are doing? Is it this? Is it that? Keep asking yourself and you’ll know when you hit the answer that feels right.
Start general then get more specific in your description of what you like about what you are doing. For example, is it the communication or connection? Is it the performing or beautifying? Is it the helping or healing? Is it the organizing or administrating? Then add more detail by asking why.

3 Respect the Career Development Process

The beauty of a great career is in the way it unfolds.
Enjoy the present moment. Each small step adds up until you are for sure ready for more.
Appreciate then forget when you felt lost or frustrated in your career. Through those times you learned more about what you DO want.

4 Understand the Power of People

People can be powerful and brilliant in sharing their connections with others. Use strategy in maintaining your 150 or so top connections to tap into the power.
Accept that people can be dark, egotistical, and negative but this is nothing compared to an individual in harmony with self. Recognize the negative as the weaker power and stay beyond it.
See and applaud the strengths of others as you do for yourself. Be a builder-upper who is generous with knowledge, info, and positive energy.

5 Be an Opportunity Bulldog

Take your individual strengths and mesh them into your public identity and no one can take your place.
Research and understand the opportunities that exist because of the challenges in your field of expertise.
Present a passion for being or finding the solution and be unafraid of asking for the opportunity.

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