Schools start Extreme Pitch School of Coworking Platforma Academy

If every public speech, pitch or presentation make you crazy excitement, tension and tremors in the hands, it’s time to pump their skills on Extreme Pitch School. About the course Extreme pitch school – is a 4-week course is a completely new format, which will be held c 8 to 29 September at the Art Factory platform. Its main task – to help you get rid of the fear of public speaking, gain confidence, learn to enjoy the performances and from enjoying every minute of the audience. You will receive all the theoretical and practical skills necessary for successful performance. So why Extreme? Because here you will not cherish, here you will find yourself in truly extreme conditions for the presentation, and you will have no choice but to pitch or die. Prior to August 10 are super prices – 5700 UAH for the course. Details and registration online:

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