Next Generation Career Coaching

Skill Identification is a process that expands client’s personal skill vocabulary and effects and builds a positive change in self-confidence.

Explore both old jobs and new options. “New career direction.”

Development of different career options through a method/process that opens doors of opportunity that otherwise would be overlooked or discarded.

Personalized training and individual attention to those things that will set you apart from all other candidates.

Developing a clear self-presentation and unique marketing materials as well as learning key job searching tools.

Campaign focused mainly on personal one-on- one informational contacts where the jobs are in the making. When there is a vacancy or posted opening, “client usually gets an interview.”

In addition to posting a LinkedIn & Facebook profiles, all kinds of e-media are explored to build visibility and credibility in your chosen market.
Three-stage controlled networking campaign. Adeptly using internet for background research to locate, and connect with “countless” contacts.

Dual-approach to get interviews from employer-identified ads: applying through personnel and approaching Hiring Decision Maker(s) directly.

Primary interview training: Referral Interviews, which build connections to the hiring decision makers. without waiting for “openings.” These interviews also train candidates for actual job interviews.

Step-by-step coaching to handling salary negotiations/questions given at the beginning of the search. Coaching at time of the offer generally increases comp package by 10% and more.

Client continues to build visibility and credibility in his/her chosen field. 5-year goals established as well as the development of your network “Power Team” that has been built to advance your career now and in the future.

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