Morning Mood vs labor productivity: who wins?

The expression “to stand on the wrong foot” does not such an allegory. Scientists University of Pennsylvania and Ohio, conducted a joint experiment. It turned out that the mood of the morning really sets the tone for your day, and determines productivity for many hours to come. How to contact a good start of the day and the productivity of work, he explores Marina silent, organizational and HR-consultant SFB s.onsulting. The mood in which you start your day directly affects the working efficiency. For example, you are stuck in a traffic jam, or someone in the subway came to you on the new shoes … The result spoiled the mood completely invisible to you reduces the quality of your work. If you woke up not in the mood … For three weeks, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Ohio studied the department on work with clients in a large corporation. They used a small questionnaire to identify employees mood. The first of them was filled in the morning, and all the rest – at regular intervals throughout the day. The researchers also measured the mood of employees when communicating with customers. Research results confirmed the theory that morning mood in the literal sense of “doing” our entire day! Those employees, who started the day in a good mood, showed the best results in the interaction with customers. They offered better service, less used in the speech word-parasites and interjections, more intelligently build sentences. The work itself brought them positive emotions, and this further raises the spirits throughout the day. Employees with a negative mood morning communication with clients did not bring positive changes. Their mood only worsened during the day. They are less answer the phone, provides a service of lower quality often took breaks. Their productivity was 10% less than the positive-minded colleagues. How to fix your mood? Everyone has their own ways to make a good morning. Here are a few to get you set about working everyday in a good mood! 1. If you buy on the way to the coffee – a friendly chat with the baristas! Columbia University conducted an interesting study in collaboration with a network of coffee houses Starbucks. It turned out that buyers who smiled and chatted with the seller and installed with eye contact, were more satisfied with a visit to the cafe. Leaving the restaurant, they were in a better mood than those who avoided contact. 2. If possible, walk to work on foot is a good way to improve your mood, especially if you walk through the park or a beautiful alley. Researchers at Stanford University have studied the problem of stress at city dwellers. They believe that a walk relaxes and improves the brain’s ability to focus, thereby reducing the level of stress. This is exactly what you need after a not very successful morning. 3. Have breakfast fruit study by the University of Warwick, shows that eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables can improve your mood. Moreover, it increases with each new batch of fruits in the daily diet! 12,000 Australians took part in a long-term study. It showed that between the daily consumption of fruit and life satisfaction level, there is a direct link. In general, scientists recommend eating 8 servings of fruit per day. Therefore, be sure to add fresh fruits and vegetables into your breakfast! And the summer itself – a great reason to wake up in a great mood See also: “Sleep, to build a career: 7 of the rules of healthy sleep”

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