In the US – a record demand for IT professionals

Despite the fact that koronakrizis continues, the IT industry is growing again. The number of open IT positions, according to DOU, in September 2020 to nearly 6,000 – a record figure for the last 3 years. The pandemic has affected all industries, including IT. However, now we can talk oo resumption of growth in the industry: in April the demand for IT specialists has doubled, compared with September last year – by 20%, and from September 2018 – 35%. This is indicated by the data research company GlobalLogic. For analysts used public data from sources such as the DOU, the State Statistics Service, the State electronic database on education, as well as internal statistics. Who sought most often in GlobalLogic analyzed some experts were looking increasingly, and demand for what positions has grown significantly. A list of the most pressing IT professionals are now as follows: Frontend – a leader in the number of vacancies: 731 position in September. Such demand is associated with the digital transformation and transition of business online; Big Data – here there is a significant jump of open positions: 20 in September, while the average last 3 years has been at the level of 3-4 times a month; NET, Java, Python and C ++ for Senior and Middle positions remain popular for several years in a row are the leaders of the international rating of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). IT market began to recover. Once the company GlobalLogic opened in September, more than 600 products in the US, including remotely in Dnipro. One of the key areas of research specialists – C ++. His knowledge is needed to create comprehensive software solutions, which is why experts with knowledge of C ++ in demand, both now and in the future will be in demand. Denis Balatsky, vice president GlobalLogic Students picked up the trend of IT specialties Popularity among high school graduates is also increasing. In 2020, 15% of students choose the appropriate direction. Compared with 2018 year on IT demand grew by 20%. we wrote recently, some specialty PWS named professions of the future.

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