Himself HR: how to strengthen your motivation?

The HR-practice, there are a lot of techniques that help improve employee motivation. We chose the ones that everyone can use, regardless of the efforts of the personnel department. Our writer – Katherine Bilodub, the HR-consultant “Business Design”, the head of the recruiting department in the recruitment company Wanted. Your involvement and job satisfaction – especially in your hands! Here are 10 life hacking, to help you feel at work happier. 1. Before taking Ofer, make sure you’re satisfied with domestic factors office location, hours of operation, the possibility of partial remote work environment in the office – these factors seem insignificant at first glance, but they can reduce the motivation and productivity. 2. Be involved in the mission and values ​​of the company’s sincere feeling that the mission of the company you resonate and its values ​​coincide with yours – one of the strongest factors of intrinsic motivation. This provides additional inspiration. Try to prescribe what your own goals can be realized within the framework of the company’s goals. 3. Personalize your workspace Bring a favorite flower, “happy” cup or other amenities. So you can create a positive anchor. Anchor may also be a certain color, which creates the working mood. 4. Try a few times a week to dine out of the office during the day or go for a coffee. Even a brief change of scenery stimulates efficiency and develops the ability to easily switch between tasks. 5. Build a transparent relationship with colleagues One of the main factors of demotivation – the existence of omissions in the team. And as a consequence – the spread of rumors. HR-y independently can be difficult to solve this problem. I propose to start with yourself, and do not spread unverified information about the company. This principle of honesty and trust will be useful during off communication. 6. Make time for their development Ways weight – from reading information in the professional community prior to attending training sessions. Communication among like-minded people, the study of trends in your profession promotes involvement in the work and creates a “wave” in the team. Most of the books read by our staff – it is the recommendation of colleagues. It is through the development of his outlook can greatly increase the level of motivation. 7. Celebrate your victory does not matter whether you pass the time a report or signed a multimillion-dollar contract. Recognition of their achievements – an important tool for self-motivation. personal growth coaches also recommend keeping a diary of success. Every evening fix it all, which is worthy of praise. 8. Celebrate the victory of others in our team, we praise each other for a number of different things. Successful meeting with a client, old fashioned style presentation or performance of the task ahead of time – all this is a reason for approval of words. Start first, and colleagues will follow your lead. Even the staff closed gradually revealed in such an atmosphere. Recognition minor at first glance things improves the situation in the team. 9. Work tasks – during working hours Plan your load so as not to take a job on the weekends and do not finish it at home in the evenings. Work 24/7 blurs the line between the load and rest. In this case, you are constantly under stress, even if sitting in a cafe with friends. If it is difficult to distribute on their own objectives and deadlines properly – refer to the manager or HR. 10. Walk on vacation regularly and no less than a week Some people are embarrassed to go on vacation. They can not even admit to the client during a phone call, that are now at rest. Most often it is said that you unconsciously leave seems unfair. Over time, the state of fatigue accumulates, leading to neurosis and demotivation. To see this, I recommend reading the history of managers who have worked for years without proper rest. As a result, they went in the best case in sabbatikal, and at worst – of his beloved profession. Recreation – is an essential component of productive work. Terms of the individual conversation: advice to staff and managers

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