“Fundraisers will not remain without work!” Anna Moskvichova on the characteristics and prospects of the profession.

Fundraiser – a specialist in fundraising for non-profit organizations (charities, social projects). As far as promising niche and how to build a career in it? Says Anna Moskvichova fundraiser. Fundraiser profession in our country is gaining momentum. As with any fast-growing field, there is hidden a lot of potential. Anna, what is the essence of your work? I’m often confronted with the fact that we have to explain what exactly is my profession. Once, in response to my ranting, I heard the following comment: “So you work a beggar?” It might seem offensive if not for today’s realities. Many of my colleagues actually work as if begging for money. But the essence of the profession fundraiser not the case. It is important to create an offer that is impossible not to buy. For me, working a fundraiser is very similar to the work prodazhnika. Once we sell a particular product – ideas, values, benefits, satisfaction … The list can be long and everyone has his own. Grantmakers we sell ideas, sponsors – advertising, donors – a sense of participation. The most important thing – to bring joy to people. If I ask the relatives to raise money to help the children’s home – I fundraiser? I do not think. You say, indifferent person, who wants to help the children’s home. Fundraiser – it is a profession that requires special education, skills and competencies. The sooner this is understood by people who wish to engage in fundraising, public organizations and the education system, the sooner we get the true specialists. Where can run fundraiser? In the standard sense – in the non-profit organization. In the classic definition of “fundraising” clearly defined, it is to raise funds for nonprofit organizations. But fundraisers working in commercial projects, attracting sponsors for the event. They occur in the field of culture – the so-called people who are looking for patrons of artists, poets and musicians. The pinnacle of achievement in the career of a fundraiser in the US could be the work of an international donor organization or the office of reforms under the Cabinet as a communicator with donors ministers. To be a fundraiser, you need to have a huge number of skills and competencies. Therefore, a good fundraiser can master any profession. Your profession is called perspective, mysterious, future profession. Why? How many people know about it? Fundraising – this is the same niche as the other. This niche – the new and only gaining momentum. As with any new niche, are inherent and demand prospects in the future. But there is nothing mysterious or very promising. There is a great and laborious work on the development of a new sphere for the US. Only a few do not give up on the way. It is they who will be the backbone of the profession. And from then on the market do its work. Solid fees fundraisers create demand. And demand gives birth to proposal of the educational market. Recall, the boom of lawyers and economists, IT specialists and now. It’s simple: people want to work, where money and are willing to pay money for it. Thus are born all the prestigious profession. And they say that fundraisers without work will not stay. It is really true? A good fundraiser – an expert who can “make” more money than it receives. Imagine that you came to the man and says, “I can bring you every month 10 thousand dollars, and for this I want you to pay me a thousand.”. You take it to work? Sure! You give him the opportunity to work online, do not come to the office, as long as he earned. But note that not all are able to so, but only really good fundraisers. To this work fit? What is the criterion? To answer this question, I propose to divide the fundraisers the following areas: grantrayding, sponsoring and crowdfunding. Of course, there are the only ones that combine different quality but not so much. To work with different areas require different qualities of character. Want to work with grants – Be systematic, careful, plodding, methodical. Want to attract sponsors – be sociable, charismatic, to study business. We decided to stay on the crowdfunding – be public, study public relations and communications, become an ace in social networks, remove the rollers to YouTube. The only question is, how much you’re willing to work hard for the sake of mastering the profession. Those who are really willing and able to develop in this area, can be seen immediately. I teach these individually, and then offer the job. If you want to become a fundraiser for the sake of prestige and quick money, it is better to be engaged in Bitcoins What do you advise to those who would like to go your way? Study. At one time I was mistaken in thinking that, and so will come down – still no information. It is not true. There are so many different courses, blogs, books. Yes, they are mostly in English, but they are there, and they need to learn and implement. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in this niche? The advantage is that you need to constantly evolve, to learn something new. I really like that this profession opens the door to previously inaccessible environments. You communicate with the top managers of large companies, international donor organizations, public bodies. This communication is very stimulating your development. On the other hand, we need to have the flexibility and psychological resistance, because you often face rejection. Normal statistics, if 10 successful grant applications will be one or two, and of the 10 only two sponsors will tell you “yes”. Failures in our business are inevitable. They do not even suggest that you made some mistake. Your application could lose, because the region in which you realize the project, now is not the priority of the donor. A sponsor has refused, as this year’s budget does not provide for participation in the events. With each failure you have a choice – give or take into account the error and seek a solution. In what sphere or profession can go fundraiser? Fundraising – a wonderful stage in his career, the best of everything that can be. The most important thing – it is a contact database that you have built up, and a large set of skills. I like the statement: “Anyone can be anyone.” Fundraiser is not an exception. It can be anyone. Here are the top of the professions – manager of international donor organizations; – the public service; – the head of a non-profit organization; – Consulting; – Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility. I would advise to go into consulting. Choose what you like best and succeeded in fundraising, and consults on these issues. What kind of education do you recommend to get to work in this area? What competences should be at the fundraiser? I recommend reading the blogs of known fundraisers. Andrew Olsen, for example, the amazing and briefly wrote about her work. Also, go through the marketing courses, the correct letters, public relations, working with social networks, and social responsibility. Constantly learn and acquire new knowledge. of course, but I will not name specific names itself – courses on fundraising. How much earns fundraiser? 15 thousand. Hryvnia per month. I’ll take a percentage. Those who work, earn between $ 1 thousand. Per month, taking into account the fact that there are months with no income at all. If you are a novice fundraiser, you can rely on the 7 thousand. Hryvnia, with full graphics. Where to start advise those who are looking for funding for your project or wants to win a grant? How to make sure that the company wanted to help the project? This is a very broad question. I advise you to go through training and systematic approach to this issue. Engage PR campaign. You anyway need to know about you in any case have to talk (preferably positive). How difficult is it to win the trust of sponsors? For each sponsor should manager assigned to the solution of your problem. It is important to gain the trust of this person. The question is how to do it. But every manager in the first place, people, and everyone is different. Most importantly – do not lie to sponsors during the negotiations. You can embellish your offer, you can inflate the number of expected participants, but the key points must always be truthful. Your documents should always be in order. Your records should always be on time. It would be nice to have someone vouch for you. If possible, be sure to use it. It often happened, the company refuses to help? I will say this: it happened that the company agrees to help. The reasons for failure are many: “The sponsors do not have the budget”, “Not applicable”, “not enough large-scale project”, “Highly expensive,” “Very cheap”, “Now, if you come earlier ….” And, between us, a sponsor can simply stop taking the phone or reply to messages. You will bypass 100 companies, 20 of them will say that he thought of the 20, only 10 agreed, and only 5 pay sponsorship package. Is it true that in many fundraising decide emotions? I do not think so. Emotions to the grant application is not accompanied, they are the sponsors are no longer needed. For me, emotions are always symbolize the lack of professionalism. Another thing – the engagement. Yes, you need to worry about the projects that you are driving, they have to like you, you should consider them to be important and necessary, but it is necessary in any job. To learn how to build a career in international organizations, read the interview with Anastasia Nurzhinskoy.

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