Creative Director: who he is and doing what? Interview with Vladimir Kobtsev

Uladzimir Kobets, creative director Isobar the US, reveals the secrets of the profession, and shares his understanding of the work in the creative field. Behind Vladimir 8 years of experience in creative, award prestigious advertising festivals (Cannes Act Tribute, Effie), working with industry leaders such as Unilever, Pepsico the US, Effes the US, Universal Bank, MTS, many social projects, including Marathon “New York weaving “,” pure Zrobimo up the US. ” Vladimir told about who is the creative director and how he came to his profession. Vladimir, what the creative director? For me, the basis of this position is the word “director”, but not in the classic sense of a manager and leader. This is a man who does not give management and the direction (from the direction of the English word). He gives a vector of the creative process in the agency. It is not always the responsibility of the creative director only creativity. Often this is a magical synergy and management, and educational, informative and functional. This is a man who is responsible for everything that needs to be out on the mountain with the slightest manifestation of creativity. He is standing on the bridge together with the CEO, Strategic Director, Business Development Director. I’m more impressed by the old-school creative when it was necessary to tell an interesting story by steep copyright with the ingenious slogan, and then it is all wrapped up in a good direction, a short, clear, succinct. This is a classic creative when the copywriter and art director work together and deliver complete solutions. Now the word “creatives” substantially transformed – this is a strategist and an expert in social media, and negotiator. Already in 2014, the agency went from the world of classical works pairs copywriter and art director. In this work unit is not a pair, and three – a copywriter, art director and cod. Term cod entered Googley guys everywhere promoting it. In today’s world needs people from technology, innovation, then their overall result will be much better and cooler. What distinguishes the work of art director and creative director? Firstly, this subordination. Creative director supervises a team of art directors. Second, the phrase “creative director” means the first position, and the “art director” – the craft. Creative directors have often asked, “Are you from the” artifacts “or” copier “? I’m from art directors, my tool – images. But all of these facets is very conditional. It happens that the coolest poster comes up with a copywriter, and the coolest slogan creates the art director. Art Director manages all the visual project, manages the design process and creative director acts as a supervisor he can approve or return the idea to completion. What looks like your typical day? In the words of Saint-Exupery, we are responsible for those who tamed. Every day in my life I leaf through the head – for whom today will be the most responsible. This also applies to family and work projects, and my team. Responsibility generates motion vectors: first of all, you should focus on constructive. Somewhere is connected to the conf number to the client as a diplomat. After a few hours you need to decide on the selection of colors, you’re already includes as an art director, I remember good examples of color codes. Some time later, communicate with colleagues at the status meeting, and then your tone of voice changes, you can say something informal. There’re a diplomat, fanned the flames and helped sell an idea, then you are a pro-manufakturschik here – already a manager. And so all day! Grandiloquent comparisons, but the creative director must have determination and responsibility in every movement: here – “killed”, but here – “gave life”. You have to be a bit of a psychologist. For example, a copywriter, who yesterday wrote all night idea, you say, “Fine, but this pink snot.” Such fidbek team say, but you need to know to whom to address it. If you played a team, the short clear answers, even abrupt, save time. How did you come to the profession of creative director? Once upon a time I very much wanted this. I remember that day, just remember his smell. I was a second-year student, recently arrived in Cherkasy National University as an engineer-programmer specialty. Were excellent teachers, good friends, but after a while I realized that it is not high from numbers and buzz from the images. And then one night in the hostel, when was bought my first computer in his life, I opened not Delphi (programming language), and Photoshop 3.0. I went to the couple learned, was a diligent student, but parallel sawed feykovye portfolio. There were these firms, these beauty salons “Ruslan”, “Lyudmila” … There were these stores “Petrel”! I invented them himself, and then painted logos, posters. These works can now be hung in a frame and laugh just insane! As a student, I worked in the leading advertising agency Cherkassy. It was my Alma Mater. After some time the muscles and professional ambitions began to strengthen. One day, at the usual Sunday after work, I submitted a resume in a large agency in New York, Tuesday, I already called to work, and the weekend I moved to the capital. Stars came together. The first rule – to want, and then start doing. The second important word after desire, this ambition: I want to be able to draw like that, that’s how to write and do here such projects. That was after moving to New York? In my life there was a stage with steep specialists branding bureau Brand Ads Valentin Pertsyey and Sasha Panin. There branding sold very deep, like mathematics. There was a lot of magic and drive. At the presentation we took large plates were talking about color coding, search naming. Once was a large significant step in my career and life – Tabasco agency. Special thanks to Sasha Smirnov. We have had a long love and mutual respect, which continues today in the form of friendship and joint pyanok. Digital expanses of creative, I started to surf after joining Isobar the US to the position of creative director in 2014. So you never learned to current specialty? Only self? Absolutely. Of course, there is great merit of engineering education. Mathematical analysis, combinatorics and the theory of systems – all of this worked out the correct structural thinking. In the creative industries, especially in the US, even a kind of phenomenon: many creators – techies. Now, of course, there are great educational formats, for example, KAMA, Projector. But very few of them. I always tell my team that needed “nasmatrivatsya”. Now any information field is full of knowledge, video tutorials, tutorials. I love our time: there is no wall, you can get everything you want. This is a big plus, but a big minus for confidentiality, privacy of life, morality system. What are your professional awards consider most important? The main award is yet to come. In the past – Silver at the Cannes festival of social advertising within the Cannes Lions in 2013. In the US, then came the turning point – the abolition of smoking in public places. I’m glad I put a hand to him. It was a promotional print with such a plot: a recognizable image of the chicken tobacco ash with the inscription: The taste is back to the US. The history of its creation is quite funny. As for social projects do not have budgets, chicken bought at the store for their money, and for filming we agreed with the friendly fotoprodakshenom PositivePictures. We gained a lot of paper, I think – it is now bedrooms, and obtain the ashes. But nothing happened! As it turned out, burned paper does not like the ashes of cigarettes, they are different objects by their texture. And we wanted to make the right craft. I nesus the store, buy two sets of normal cheap cigarettes, nesus back, poured them into the bucket, burn, they begin to fester … Knowing that they will smolder two days, we began to blow on the flame hairdryer, filled with smoke all around. As a result, three hours later I get a bucket of ashes. But then there was a long work in Photoshop to achieve the quality crafting. What is creativity? This constant attempts, only by trial and error, you can achieve something. What is your main ambition in premiums? For any athlete aerobatics – a gold medal in the Olympics, it’s in our shop – Cannes Lions. Since I am also a designer, I would really like to compete in the Red Dot. As far as creative director – a creative profession, what percentage of it from the hard sciences? I have a clear understanding of the creative director is part of a professional craftsman, part diplomat prodazhnik and partially manager and psychologist. Now there is a lot of pressure technologies in all spheres of life. Including marketing, Productions, design. As the shooting began to appear with the advent of normal drones? Arenduesh for $ 1,000 drone flew, took the beauty … And now the movie looks very different, there is the landmark span. Now technology can substitute for any mechanic. How to choose the projects? This question is probably more related to the selection of social projects, for commercial rarely choose … In fact, we select and commercial projects. It has a certain maturity of the agency. We are growing and we do not want to chase the amount, quality is important to us. We have defined a selection formula: fame, money, interest. It happens that the glory of the project does not, but it gives the experience. I love public service and I try as much as possible to get involved in social projects as resources permit. Thanks to friendly relations in the Art Directors Club of the US, we have the opportunity to participate in the tender for the development of branding for innovative attractiveness of the country. Its cool! There are a lot of commercial social work. For example, our work WordsHelp to Unicef ​​- one of my favorites. I would be happy to burst in one in five social project, but we have to choose. Such themes are not ranked, they are all important. The main condition of work on the social project is simple: you have to understand it. If you are doing a social project about cats, you must love cats. If you do advertising about sexism, you have to understand the problem of sexism. A striking example – Vitaly Kulko (Digital Innovation Coach in Isobar the US), which is engaged in employment of hearing. His internship program for children with hearing problems in the advertising industry is not the first year is a success, because this topic is very close to him. What can you advise future creative director? What to read, watch? What is superkreativschik? This means – always keep open ears, eyes and heart. You need a lot of notes. I have a huge notebook, I always write down what he saw and heard. It is necessary to monitor the innovative solutions they are now crucial. See Pinterest, Behance. For didzhitalschikov –,, for art directors and creative people –, And then you have at your specific direction. It is necessary to pump themselves in related fields such as psychology, literature. My favorite books: “Cathedral” Potter, “Robinson Crusoe” Defoe, “How people think,” Chernyshova, “Hacking creative” Michael Mikalko. For tips series: “The Vikings”, “World of the Wild West,” “The Black Mirror”, “Mad Men», Mind Hunter. And, of course listen to good music. From techno to classical. I recommend Wim Mertens, Abel Korzeniowski. But the work – this is not all. Do you have a hobby, you are fond of playing in the theater. How does your life appeared acting? It all started back in the second grade with regional competitions of readers. In his student years were KVN and dancing. Next – pause and active work in the design. But inside everything returns to normal. I found an excellent school of theatrical skill “most important task”. Thank you so much glory Zhyle and Alexey Vertinsky, our curator and spiritual leader. From the first lesson, I felt as acting close to me and my work. Now I took a break, but the theater settled permanently in my soul. Was the final performance? Sure. Theatrical training at the outlet does not give some classical performances and do skits to cover the maximum required number of roles. For example, I played the dog and Svirida Petrovich Golohvastov and Wood. Theater gives a sense of tact, it is very helpful for presentations, keeping silence, understanding, articulation. I advise everyone. The theater often go? What do you advise? If possible, I go, yes. In recent years, however, I miss: small son imposes its rules on time management. But the family, for example, continues to walk every week. This unconditional right of Saturday evening. My favorite theaters – “Young” and “Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank.” Another of the new non-canonical, I strongly advise Theater “The Misanthrope.” They have a wonderful play “King Ubu”. This is a farce-comedy about the Polish leader, but the events overlap with the realities of the American society. And the last question. Your nickname facebook «vladimir.kobets.54». That means the number “54”? 54 – the number of squares on a Rubik’s Cube, which gives 43 quintillion combinations. As with all of our life – the constant twists. Rubik’s Cube – is a symbol.

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