Blogger and cyber sportsman – now the official profession in China

As reported by Bloomberg, is the government’s response to koronakrizis and high unemployment. The Ministry of Education of China has expanded the list of official professions. From now officially considered to be employed bloggers, cyber sportsmen, owners of online stores, the participants incubator programs to combat poverty and conscripts programs. This is due to the fact that the government is struggling with high unemployment as a result of the pandemic coronavirus. To be considered unemployed in China will now be able to have a one o’clock of paid work per week. Why You Need The unemployment rate in China has risen sharply as a result of the pandemic. About 130 million people have lost their jobs completely or have been forced to go on unpaid leave. In addition, this year from Chinese universities graduated a record 8.74 million young professionals. That unemployment rates were not as dire, the government decided to change their idea of ​​what constitutes a work and thus to improve the statistics. college graduates do not necessarily work in the office. They have many options, including freelance. They can dig up an online store or do e-commerce, or start your own business with the help of a laptop. Tang Min, an economist and advisor to the State Council official unemployment rate in China was 5.9% in May after jumping to a record 6.2% in February due to the coronavirus. This year the government is focused on the indicator “6%”, but the calculation is not perfect because it does not account for the many migrant workers from the countryside. In addition to new formal jobs, the Chinese government introduced a series of measures aimed at to keep official figures low unemployment rate: in particular, students are encouraged to continue postgraduate studies at universities, vocational school graduates – receive a complete higher education, and in rural areas to increase recruitment of teachers. Source: Bloomberg

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