“Awaken Your CAREERpreneur” Review

I received a complimentary copy of “Awaken Your CAREERpreneur” by Alexia Vernon for review and wanted to share it with you because it reflects an idea whose time has come…everyone as CEO of their own career. I received no other compensation for this review.

Alexia Vernon gave us a lesson on personal networking and building your All-Star team in a previous audio post. After reading her book, I must tell you, she has got it going on as a trainer and expert in career development.

In her new book, “Awaken Your CAREERpreneur: A Holistic Road Map to Get from Your Calling to Your Career,” she pulls together a spectacular process to help you to your dream career and she offers spot on coaching insights along the way. Her process goes from creating the vision and overcoming barriers right on through to crossing the finish line. I really like the written exercises she has developed including, to name a few of my favorites: writing a letter from an employer offering your next perfect opportunity, the tolerations list, the first impression questionnaire, and the sticky factor top ten list.

She also organizes a step-by-step plan for interview preparation and personal network building that is top notch. Most importantly, she emphasizes the often forgotten step of attitude and mindset prep work as a daily habit. I just love the fierce concept that she creatively intertwines into the networking chapters too.

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