Stevie is a tech-savvy career coach and writer. She thrives at helping people identify their strengths and is sensitive to opportunities that others may not see. At the same time, she is continually advancing her technical skills with online media and social networking. Stevie loves to help people find work that helps them feel good about themselves and reach their highest potential.

She has a special fondness for helping people who are deciding a career direction for the first time or contemplating a big change. Stevie received a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from Oklahoma State University, a Master’s in Counseling from Seton Hall University, and a Career Counseling Certificate from the University of California at San Diego. She is a member of the Career Planning and Adult Development Network and the World Future Society.

Stevie has experienced many moves and has had the opportunity to live in California, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Georgia, and Nevada. Through those relocations, she has come to recognize the positive aspects this type of career challenge and it has helped her become a better career coach and an advocate for proactive career management.